Tortoise Quiz

Welcome to your Tortoise Quiz

1. Tortoises belong to which one of these animal classes?

Tortoise Anatomy: What Tortoises Are Made Of & Why -

2. Which of these statements is correct?

Why (and How) Tortoises & Turtles live so long

3. Why is it dangerous for tortoises to flip upside-down?

Can an upside-down tortoise turn itself over?

4. True or False: "Tortoises can live without their shells"

Can Turtles and Tortoises Live Without Their Shells?

5. True or False: "Pet tortoises don't need much space."

How much space do pet tortoises need? -

6. Can tortoises and turtles mate?

Can tortoises and turtles mate? -

7. The tortoise diet: Which of these statements is false?

Can a Tortoise Choke? -

8. Should pet tortoises be allowed to roam around the house?

Why tortoises shouldn't roam around the house

9. Are tortoises good classroom pets?

Are tortoises and turtles good classroom pets? -

10. What is the main reason rain can be dangerous for tortoises?

Do tortoises like rain? -

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