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How to keep a tortoise outdoors -

How To Keep A Tortoise Outdoors: Full Guide

If you have a tortoise or are thinking about buying one, you will probably be wondering if they can live outside or whether you should keep them indoors? Fortunately, at least for some part of the year your tortoise should be very happy to live outside as long as you pay attention to the important details for them.

Do tortoises like rain? -

Do Tortoises Like Rain (and Is It Safe?)

Tortoises do tend to like the rain! Some species are more acclimated to it than others, given that they are native to tropical rainforests, but all can have a bit of fun in the rain! In the wild, tortoises are outdoor animals so exposing them to safe amounts of rain will replicate many of their natural habitats.

How much space do pet tortoises need? -

How much Space do Pet Tortoises Need?

Smaller tortoises can be kept in 8ft X 4ft (244cm X 122cm) enclosures. Permanent enclosure sides should be at least 12 inches (30 cm) higher than your tortoise while standing on his hind legs. For tortoises that are expected to get large as adults, they need more space and higher walls.

Do pet tortoises need toys? -

Do Pet Tortoises Need Toys?

Pet tortoises need an environment that encourages a healthy body and mind. Some may call these items toys while others may consider them enrichment. No matter what they’re called, tortoises do need a variety of interactive objects to stay healthy and happy. Logs, rocks, bathing dishes, moist hides, and dirt mounds are good choices for toys and enrichment.

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