Tortoise Behavior

Can't find my tortoise - How to look for a missing tortoise

Can’t Find Your Tortoise? Here’s What To Do

If your tortoise went missing, here is how and where to go look for them: look for burrows, look under things, inside anything they can crawl into, wait for the morning sun as it might bring the tortoise out of hiding, and alert the neighbors. If all else fails alert relevant authorities in your area, and advertise on Facebook or in your local paper.

How Wild Tortoises Hibernate According to Science -

How Wild Tortoises Hibernate (According to Science)

Hibernation is basically a long, deep sleep to help an animal survive harsh winter conditions. It’s not a traditional sleep where brain activity, digestion, and other bodily functions keep going. It’s a period of torpor, which is inactivity in both body and mind. The body keeps functioning in a hibernating animal but at incredibly slow rates. This reserves energy and sustains the animal until conditions outside the hibernation area are more suitable for life.

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