Tortoise Shedding: What is normal & what isn't

Tortoise Shedding: What’s Normal and What Isn’t

As they grow older tortoises regularly shed both their skin and their shells. Shedding helps tortoises grow new skin, grow a bigger shell, and helps rejuvenate the body to protect it from disease. There are different signs that indicate when a tortoise’s shedding is healthy and normal, and signs for when it is not. Overall, the shedding cycles for tortoises are perfectly normal throughout their lives.

Why tortoises shouldn't roam around the house

Here’s Why Tortoises Should NOT Roam Around the House

Tortoises shouldn’t roam around the house. They could get injured, lost, too cold or too hot, fall or get stuck and be attacked. A tortoise roaming around the house might also spread disease. Even when supervised around your home, you will often have to handle the tortoise (pick her up) to put her back safely within a supervised area. This can be stressful to your tort.

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