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Can turtles & tortoises lay eggs without mating?
If you have tortoises (or turtles) then you may suddenly find that one day, you’ve got some eggs on your hands but are these eggs…
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Can tortoises fight and kill each other?
Tortoises can fight when left alone but it’s unlikely that they they would kill each other. It is possible that mixing two or more species…
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Why do tortoises poop in water? -
There is no definitive scientific answer for why tortoises poop in water. One answer is that warm water relaxes a tortoise’s bowels making it easy…
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Tortoise foaming at the mouth -
What to do if your tortoise if foaming at the mouth: Immediately check the temperature in their enclosure and basking area and correct as needed,…
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Do tortoises attract bugs? -
Tortoises themselves don’t attract bugs. But their poop, their bedding, their food, and their water supply may attract bugs particularly if you keep them inside.
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Are tortoises OK with artificial grass? -
Artificial grass does not make for good bedding and a tortoise cannot burrow in it, but a tortoise will happily walk around on it. While…
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Why do tortoises eat rocks and stones? -
Tortoises sometimes eat rocks and stones to make up for a mineral deficiency in the their diets. It might be that they mistake rocks for…
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Can tortoises feel love?
Since tortoises are reptiles, they are not capable of feeling “love” as we humans understand it. However, tortoises do show signs of affection and appreciation…
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How much exercise do tortoises need?
There is no specific amount of time that tortoises need to exercise. But during the waking summer months, it is good to have your tortoise…
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